About Us

Version Activewear —

Honestly have just been looking for cute tops to workout in that had sleeves, BUT I wanted my sports bras to show too (because then what are my cute sports bra for then?) So for fun we designed the Why Knot Top, that had an open back so the back of my sports bras could show. It was cropped so it would fall right on top of my high waisted leggings. Not too cropped crop tops were also missing in the activewear world, as it would always be way to short. Also, if you gals noticed the cut of our tops always fall just on or above the waistline to accentuate your waists!

Version Activewear is all about making you feel and look good without having to show parts of yourself you aren’t ready to show yet, but make you look exceptionally cute. Okay, cute is what we're going for. Why limit ourselves to the conventional sleeved gym tops when we can innovate and make it an outfit? 

Hit that didn't-even-try-I'm-laid-back-and-chill-sporty look effortlessly with Version. 

Also! Everything here on Version is made all from scratch, with shapes and sizes made especially for you. Everything is pre-washed too. 


Lots of love for all you gals and our pieces,